June 22, 2011

Tips For Staying Fit

In today's busy life I think we are forgetting our body fitness.  Of course we need exercise and each of us knows it's critical. Why not make every minute count. Here is some tips to stay fit, hope it will help you.

1. Setting Some Goals
Keeping your body hydrated is very important. Drinking water every couple of hours is beneficial in keeping your body systems running smoothly.

2. The Most Important Meal of the Day
Don't skip breakfast! A breakfast of fruit, yogurt and granola is great! Add a cup of coffee if you need it!

3. A Healthy Brain requires....
This is one good reason for you to add this to your diet! A great fish oil supplement is Omega 3! Research shows that fish oils can also help prevent hardening of the arteries which we all know leads to heart disease.

4. And one and two and three....
Exercise should be a part of every day! So important to keeping our hearts strong and healthy!
Biking - leisurely pace for one hr. 230 - 340 calories burned
Walking - Moderate pace one hr. 205 - 300 " "
Mowing the lawn per hr. 300 - 450 " "
Jogging - Moderate pace one hr. 300 - 600 " "

5. Meals and Snacks
n order to stay fit and slim one needs to plan meals and snacks at least with a little thought!
Some good snack choices:

An apple
small yogurt and slice of fruit (melon or handful of blueberries)
small muffin (homemade) store bought ones have way to many calories
Cut up veggies, dipped in hummus
Whole wheat pita bread

6. Sleep
Often times we don't listen to our bodies when they are tired and perhaps sleep deprived. The average person needs 7 - 8 hours of sleep a night! Some need a little more and some can get by on a little less. A key step to maintaining a healthy weight is also getting enough sleep. Studies show that those hours when we are sleeping is the time that our bodies are healing and repairing themselves. I'm sure when you don't get enough sleep and if it happens several nights in a row, you feel sluggish and your energy supply is much lower. So be kind to yourself and get the needed hours of sleep to help your body function the way it should! You will feel much better for it!

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