October 21, 2010

Current Beachwear Trends

With the weather heating up, our thoughts are turning away from bulky winter coats and towards fashion's more revealing side. Yes, it's summer once again and that means the start of swimwear season.

There's just one top contender for the swimwear fashion crown this season, and that is the classic one piece. That's right, bikinis have lost their allure and instead fashionistas types are touting cossies worthy of the most glamorous Bond heroine.

This alluring new fashion was first introduced at the Miami Fashion Week, where one pieces undoubtedly stole the show. Shapes ranged from vintage to downright bizarre, with many designers getting creative with cutouts.
If you're keen to work this trend then the key is to get the shape right: look for crossovers, cut-outs and off the shoulder designs. Colours at Miami Fashion Week ranged from classic black to garish reds, and cute florals, geometric prints and animal print designs were all very much in evidence.

Swimwear designers may all be talking about the iconic one piece, but if you're reluctant to ditch you're bikini then there's no need to panic. Bikinis were still much in evidence at Miami, but the catwalk showed that traditional shapes are out, replaced by one-shouldered designs. Designers such as Marios Schwab combined the one-shouldered and cutaway trends, while Gottex cheated with a halter neck design.

Whether you're a bikini or a one-piece girl, the key to getting this season's look is to think 'glamour' all the way. If you're keen to work the trend, combine your favourite piece of swimwear with poolside accessories specifically something sheer. The sheer look is seriously hot for this summer.
To make sheer work for you, match your one piece or bikini with a floating slip or cutaway dress. Just a small addition can transform even the most ordinary swimsuit into something cutting edge and rather spectacular. Great if you're intending to keep last year's costume but still want to stay in style.

To make your sheer slip look even more glam, choose a piece in a metallic shade. Quite simply: If it doesn't sparkle, then don't buy it.

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