March 7, 2011

Cause and Cure for Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also called Impotence, is one of the medical Conditions men are scared of. 
Erectile Dysfunction has two primary causes - physical and emotional.

Damaged muscles around the pubic area, insufficient physical conditioning, lack of oxygen in the body, cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Spinal cord injury may be some of the physical causes.

Emotional causes may consist of built-up stress, anger, anxiety, Depression, or other negative energies coursing through your psyche.

All our body parts are made up of tissues and nerves and veins which
do certain functions so that we can move about and do things in everyday life. Sometimes the veins and nerves in the 
penis get disrupted and cause the most common problems with erection. If the problem lies with
the hormones, the sex drive suffers which also causes problems with erection.

The symptoms depend on the severity of the problem. In some cases, the person will be able to achieve an erection but will not be able to maintain it long enough to have sexual intercourse. This usually indicates the presence of an erectile problem. In some cases, the person will not be able to achieve an erection at all, despite attempting numerous times. This usually indicates that the problem has worsened considerably.
Decreased sexual drive, slow and weak ejaculation, weak and soft erections, and lack of stamina are some of the common symptoms associated with erectile dysfunctioning.

By removing certain habits from your life, male impotence need not be something you have to deal with. It is a very treatable problem that you and your doctor can discuss.
The best solution to the problem of impotence is taking a balanced diet and avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption. Maintaining a healthy mind along with a healthy body can reward you with an equally healthy and satisfying sexual life. 
Detox diets, short for detoxification diets. There a many different books available on detox diets or you can search for it on internet. By following a detox diet you will sleep better, which helps to reduce stress, a major cause of impotence; you will also notice that your mental alertness increases and you will dramatically improve your energy levels. Once you have finished a detox plan, following a healthy diet will reduce your levels of cholesterol, which will help to improve the blood flow around your body and to your penis.
Exercise - If you don't do any form of physical exercise, you're not giving your body a chance to work at its best. By doing 20-30 minutes exercise 4-5 times per week, you will sleep better, reduce your stress levels, have more energy, increase the blood flow around your body and reduce your cholesterol levels. All these factors will help to cure impotence.

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