November 9, 2010

The Basics Of A Healthy Diabetes Diet!

In order for diabetics to free themselves of diabetes complications, they need to learn about diabetes diet recipes basics. Learning and practicing diabetes diet basics has been proven to control blood sugar levels and control body fat weight. And here is some very positive news: if you know how to improve your health, you can free yourself from many diabetes complications. While there are many ways this can be achieved, developing an insight into the diabetes diet basics will certainly go a long way.
Right from the start, it is important to point out that there is no simple dietary solution that can reverse diabetes. Looking for a ‘magic cure’ in the form of a particular diet simply is not the way to go. However, those that understand diabetes meal planning basics will discover remarkable improvements in their blood sugar levels and body fat weight.
Why is this so? It is because the proper type two diabetes diet can aid in reducing glucose levels in the blood. That alone will have significant impact on your overall health and wellness. This does raise the question as to what dietary choices are needed to achieve such a goal. The choices are not very complicated or at least not very complicated in terms of their general description.
Basically, you need to be aware of the amount of diabetes carbohydrates that you eat and drink. Carbohydrates are, sugars, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. And it becomes important that no diabetes diet contains excessive amounts of easy to digest carbohydrates. And, most assuredly, you would want to avoid those carbs that come from processed, refined sugars – aka white table sugar. Such sugar is the basic ingredient of junk food which is why it is certainly best avoided.
But, that does not mean your diabetes diet should be severely restricted in terms of carb intake. You do not want to venture into the realm of a “no carb” fad diet like Adkins Diet and the Zone Diet, where you are eating tons of fats and proteins. That may give you a slim physique (Bodybuilders love the low carb diet for just this reason) but it would also be an unbalanced diet that comes with hosts of other problems. If you have kidney disease, you should avoid a high protein diet – Check with your doctor and take low fat low carb recipes. 

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