August 21, 2012

The factors that put heart at risk

High Blood Sugar: It affects the functioning of blood vessels in the heart.

High Blood Pressure: Increases the load on the heart and can result in a stroke or heart attack.

High Cholesterol: It results in fatty deposits, which block the arteries.

Obesity: If your weight is above 10 per cent of your weight, you are heading for trouble.

Smoking: Compared to a non-smoker, a smoker stands double the chances of developing heart disease. Smoking can also cause sudden heart failure.

Alcohol: excessive consumption of alcohol causes irregular heartbeats and can lead to a stroke.

Inactive lifestyle: Regular exercise keeps obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure under control. The intensity of workout may vary person to person.

Stress: Relaxation after every 24 hours is a must. Cumulative stress is an extremely harmful thing for physical and mental health.