December 29, 2010

Which Foods Contain B Vitamins?

Foods that are rich source of vitamin B are
tuna, beer, liver, bananas, Brazil nuts, legumes, oats, potatoes, carrots, eggs, onions, cabbage, cucumbers, cauliflower etc. 

If you have a balanced diet and include these things in your regular meals that there will never be vitamin B deficiency. But vitamin B being a water soluble vitamin, it is important to supply it regularly. B vitamins are actually a group of eight vitamins. Each vitamin has its contribution in the smooth functioning of the body. 

You can’t rely on just one or two members of group. You can achieve physical well-being only if you effectively consume all the members of B vitamins group. And that will be possible if you rely on whole foods, natural foods and some items included in non vegan diet. You will have to add variety to your diet so that you can get benefit of all the B vitamins. B1 is found in legumes, green vegetables and eggs where as B2 is found in milk, cheese and meat. Peanuts and potatoes are rich in B3. Poultry foods, milk and yogurt have ample of B12. You must make a diet plan which covers all the B vitamins so that you get a wholesome meal full of nutrients. 

If you are deficient in B vitamins then you may have symptoms like chronic exhaustion, nervousness, heart beat irregularity, depression, problems in concentrating, insomnia, irritability etc. And when vitamin B complex deficiency becomes chronic it leads to major health problems in the long run.  

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