December 29, 2010

Key to Sleeping Well

A good night sleep is the key to a healthy life.   By changing certain behaviors an individual can have good night sleep.


Maintain a Schedule - By going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day, it will be easier to fall asleep. However, it is better not to break this routine on weekends by staying up much later or sleeping late.

Don’t drink or eat too much- Too much food is tough to digest and may cause heartburns and too much liquid may result in frequent trips to bathroom that can interfere with sleep patterns.

Avoid intake of alcohol and nicotine-Drinking alcohol and smoking can interfere with sleep and cause frequent awakenings

No afternoon nap- It is better to stay away from those long naps during the day and just have a blissful sleep at night.  

Regular Exercise-By exercising regularly specially at afternoon it will be easier to fall asleep and sleep better. 

Environment- A room should be quiet, dark and well ventilated and at right temperature. Too much noise can make it difficult to sleep well.  By eliminating and masking theses noises and also by using earplugs it will be helpful to sleep well at night

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