December 24, 2010

Tuberculosis - causes and treatment

The most common cause for tuberculosis to manifest in the human body is low immunity. Lifestyle habits, poverty, personal choices and low awareness create situations for the disease to enter the body and spread. Tuberculosis may also come about due to pre-existing conditions that allow for its development. The awareness of actions and the possibility of developing tuberculosis can help large masses stay clear of the disease.

Low Weight

Poor countries have a high incidence of tuberculosis because of the low availability of nutritious food and poor sanitation in the surrounding areas. Research has shown a higher chance of tuberculosis for people with a low BMI – below 18.5. In some extreme cases of anorexia, that involves the loss of weight with extreme dietary restrictions, tuberculosis may appear when there is another infection that places excess stress on the human body. If you have people who fall in this category of weight as a result, it is advisable to contact an agency to visit the location to check and advice about the presence and prevention of spreading the disease.

Drug abuse

People with a history of drug abuse suffer from reduced immunity and have a higher risk of having unsafe sex. The unwitting sharing of needles and the possibility of developing tuberculosis are closely related. Tuberculosis may affect patients of HIV because their immunity is compromised. Added to this, the absence of awareness of the disease and the risk of spreading increase the possibility of transmission from person to person. Latent tuberculosis is another danger that causes the person carrying the germ to continue without symptoms while others who come in close physical contact develop the disease. Avoidance of dangerous habits is necessary to counter the ailment.


A high-risk lifestyle that involves frequent sexual encounters with different partners, living in crowded surroundings, carers for patients with tuberculosis. Lack of regular exposure to sunlight, poor sanitation facilities and the absence of good hygiene standards are precursors to this disease as are frequent travel to locations with a high incidence of the disease, alcoholism with weakened liver function and poverty are the common causes for the development of tuberculosis. Some patients are carriers and do not develop the disease since their bodies have developed the immunity against it whereas they can spread the disease. It is necessary for communities that living in crowded conditions to ensure that each person is checked for this. Carriers must be trained to avoid certain behaviors that can lead to the spread of the ailment.


The commonest reason for the disease to reach dangerous proportions is the ignorance regarding the developing symptoms and precautions to stem the spread. Lack of isolation of the tuberculosis patient and the complete avoidance out of fear of being infected are both extremes that almost reduce the viability of successful treatment. The patient must be provided nutritious food that may be beyond the reach of the family. The only way to guard against the spread of the disease is with vigilance about the possibility of its symptoms, community awareness of managing the patient and sensitivity towards patients.

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