December 6, 2010

early to bed and early to rise habit for childrean

Children who go to bed unwillingly, at a reasonable hour, or who sleep too little have not been trained properly. If you accustom a child to a regular bedtime from infancy, you not only help his chances for normal development of body and mind but also you simplify your own problems of child management.

Long hours of sound sleep are one of the essentials for a child's mental and physical development. The night rest depends largely upon how the day has been spent. An exciting day without a nap may leave a child literally too tired to sleep. Especially should the end of the day be free from excitement.

The half hour before bedtime should be devoted to quiet pleasures without romping, exciting games or stories. A child who goes to bed tranquilly is likely to sleep well and to be easy to manage the next day. Clashes between parent and child are often due to the fact that the child is worn out from lack of sleep.

If your child is well developed, if he has firm muscles, sturdy body, erect posture, a dear skin, clear eyes without cirdes under them, a happy disposition, and a good appetite he is probably getting the right kind and amount of sleep.

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