December 29, 2010

Kids Asthma Causes

Many factors can lead to asthma in children; for example: environmental triggers, genes and asthma history of the family, diet, infections, allergies and hormonal changes. 

Here is a brief overview of these factors:
  1. Asthma runs in families. If somebody in the family has asthma, the child is likely to get it too. Hay fever and eczema have also been linked to asthma.
  2. Children with smoking mothers or those exposed to cigarette smoke are likely to develop asthma.
  3. Asthma can occur at any age. Exposure to certain trigger substances like pollens, smoke, dust, animal hair, fungus and dust mites can cause asthma attacks. Flu and cold are also highly responsible for asthma attacks.
  4. Strong smells, chemical fumes, household sprays, paints and perfumes are likely to trigger an attack.
  5. Exercise and play, emotional reactions like laughing can serve as triggers.
  6. Environment plays a big role. Sudden changes in temperature are responsible for asthma in kids.
  7. Food colorings, additives, medications can also be potentially dangerous.
  8. There is an ongoing speculation that obesity too might lead to asthma. Pollution and exertion or exercise can also reinforce the cause behind asthma. Care must be taken to protect asthmatic kids from these factors.

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